3 Daring Dukes

When these three dukes meet, magic happens!

Steamy Regency meets Otherworldly Adventure - inspired by classic fairy tales and the romance readers of Reddit


3 Dukes & the Maiden of the Loch

Content Warning: Satire!

The Duke of Millwall has no scruples. The Duke of Slough has no nerve. The Duke of Skegness has little faith in either man. All three will put their differences aside in the name of a most enticing offer, when they find themselves stranded on the shore of a remote highland loch. The enigmatic beauty they encounter won’t share her secrets, but her body is theirs for the taking, if they dare to transcend the ordinary and go where no duke has gone before.

Steamy Historical Romance meets the surreal in this loving tribute to (and cheeky satire of) a beloved genre, inspired by the works of an undisputed master of short, strange, and salacious, and by the romance readers of Reddit. 

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3 Dukes & the Lady of the Fae

Steamy Regency Romance meets the unrepentantly bizarre in a fractured faerie tale of otherworldly adventure and desire.  

The Duke of Millwall fears nothing. The Duke of Slough fears everything. The Duke of Skegness is afraid to ask why it is whenever the three men met, strange magic happens. The same magic that stole his love many years ago and trapped her in the Court of the Fae forever. Unless three dukes are all it takes to break the spell. Anything is worth trying once as our three unlikely heroes come face to face with the Lady of the Fae. Who will become Hir mythic consort? And will he survive the honour?

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3 Dukes & the Tower of Time

The astonishing conclusion to an otherworldly adventure

The Duke of Millwall has lost his nerve. The Duke of Slough has found it, navigating society both high and low with ease. Nothing changes a man like a journey to the Court of the Fae, and it’s about to change them again, for the third member of their unlikely alliance needs their help to save his lady love, and himself.
Now they must stop an alchemical wedding between the Duke of Skegness and his long-lost Bianca, or else lose them both forever. For the realm of the Fae is coming unmade, and only an earthbound King can preserve it. Who will sacrifice himself to the Lady and heal the rift in Time? And who will fall to his doom?

The final startling chapter in an otherworldly tale of historical fantasy and unashamed desire.

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