Welcome to Hollowood Falls 

Home to historic Sutherland’s General Store, the famous long drop of the falls, and the largest population of werewolves in America.
United by history, bound together by fate, the families of Hollowood Falls will face a fight for their lives when the community is threatened by the shocking conspiracy that haunts their tiny town.


48 Hours in Hollowood


Graeme doesn’t know me like he thinks he does. There’s a secret I’ve been keeping since we met. A secret big enough to destroy our marriage. A secret I can’t hide if we have to spend two days in Hollowood Falls. It’s not that my family’s overbearing (spoiler: they are) or that I left home at seventeen because they were about to ruin my life (spoiler: they were.) The problem is that we’re werewolves.
But there’s only so long I can lie to the man I love. And there’s more to my hometown than meets the eye. If I have to deal with that arrogant, asinine, mouth-watering Pierce Platter, my ex-best friend and so-called fated mate, then 48 hours is just long enough for everything to go wrong.

A steamy fast-paced MMM first-in-series novella set in small town Colorado featuring two disaster gay shifters, one well-endowed Scottish husband, four interfering parents, and an even bigger secret hiding in the valley next door.


What Happens in Hollowood


What happens in Hollowood Falls doesn’t always stay there. Sometimes it follows you home. We’re the typical 21st century American family. My dad’s from India, my mom’s a religious cult refugee, and I’m Black, Bi, and adopted. Nothing I haven’t been able to rise above, even if I’m always the new kid in class. But school’s behind me now and all I’ve got on the horizon is the question of what to do with my life, and a mountain.

I don’t know what I’ll find up there. If the town of Hollowood Falls is where I belong or if my past is better forgotten. If my feelings for River are real or a fantasy. Like River themselves: a myth, because unless my parents are lying to me, I’ve just fallen in love with a werewolf.

A sweetly steamy New Adult M/NB novella and the second book in the series Hollowood Falls.


Leaving Hollowood


Stone Roth is Hollowood’s last bear shifter, but is he more man (and beast) than even I can take? 

Being the spare heir of one of Hollowood Falls’ first families is about as fun as it sounds. No wonder I’m known as the town’s favorite disaster gay werewolf, always on the hunt for a big strong man to bang my brains out. When I accidentally meet the papa bear of my dreams, can I unravel his tangled thoughts and teach him how to trust me? Or will the chaos that tails me wherever I go ruin the best mistake I’ve ever made?

Hollowood Falls Book 3 - OUT NOW ON AMAZON


The Truth About Hollowood


I don’t want to see Ronan Wednesday.
I don’t want to see, hear, smell, taste, touch…
Okay, what I should have said is: I don’t want to want Ronan Wednesday.
But the only time I feel completely alive is in those hours we spend wrecking each other in run-down motel rooms where we pay by the hour.
How long until he learns my secret?
Because I’m not who he thinks I am.
I might be his worst nightmare.

But whatever’s going on in the valley next to Hollowood Falls, we’re the only ones who can stop it. The only ones who know the truth about the place known only as the Facility, where monsters like me get made into something worse.

Ronan Wednesday is a distraction.

An addiction.

And he’s the only thing keeping me alive.

The explosive final chapter in the series Hollowood Falls