The Jaime Skye Chronicles

A series from the world of Elsewhen



The Untouchable Sky

After a lifetime of cruel treatment for his illness, his strangeness, his sensitivities, all Jaime wants is to be ordinary. Unfortunately he’s heir to a magical legacy with the power to reshape the world.
Or so says the most extraordinary man he’s ever met. A member of the Royal Society of Magisters, Lord Adrian Lear is charming, persistent, and thoroughly convinced that Jaime is a water-worker, able to bend the element to his will, to use as a tool or weapon.
A fact too strange for Jaime to believe, yet when their lives are put in danger by Lear’s age-old enemy, Jaime’s untested power may be the only hope they have to survive.

BOOK 0 of the Gaslamp Fantasy series The Jaime Skye Chronicles

BOOK 0 of the Gaslamp Fantasy series The Jaime Skye Chronicles

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Skye's Fall

All his life, Jaime Skye knew he was different. Cursed with a power beyond his understanding, a power he’s striven to hide. A power that makes him a target. Or a weapon.

Stolen from his homeland, divided from his friends, Jaime finds himself at the mercy of a devious mage on a mission to capture a monster of legend. A monster Jaime must tame, or die in the attempt. A task he alone can undertake, for the monster dwells at the bottom of a lake. A lake deeper than nearly any on earth. Cold, dark, and deadly. To anyone but a Skye, that is, for a Waterman cannot drown, can call down the rain, raise the waves with his mind. If only Jaime knew how.

As dry and hard as the land of his birth, Cary Robb has spent his life in service of a law he despises. Fleeing his betrayals, he is drawn into a terrible debt to a man of pure evil, whose minion is on the hunt for something unspeakable in the wilds of colonial Canada. Cary’s only task on the dangerous venture is to mind one miserable man. A man who seems like nothing at all, until he shows the depths of his powers. A man he must protect, at first for the sake of their lives, and then for the sake of his soul.

A heart-felt Achillean Aro/Ace story of companionship and devotion and a chilling tale of old monsters, new worlds, and the evil that dwells within the human heart.

where the earth ends

No one holds a grudge like a man who never dies


Skye's Rising

After a lifetime of anguish, Jaime has found happiness in the companionship of his heart’s friend Cary. Or has his suffering just begun? For a curse hangs over Jaime’s head. One that will take his life if left unbroken. Yet only the waters of his birth can cure a Waterman. To reach his home, he and Cary must cross land and sea, and what they find is not the warm welcome they hoped.

Left in the dubious care of his hermit-grandmother, Jaime learns the truth of his legacy, a power that others would kill to possess. A power that is their only hope to survive as the Deathless Duke readies his forces for a war he’s determined to win. A battle for the heart and soul of Albion against a power like nothing on earth.

Coming Fall 2024

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The Marvelous Mr. Strike-PREVIEW COVER




Norton Eckhart, PhD, is not afraid of miracles. Every fossil he finds is a tiny miracle, a symbol of science’s triumph over the superstitions of a less enlightened age. He won’t be swayed by charlatans and side-show fakers. Even if they are exceedingly handsome. More than handsome, Emory Strike is magnetic, capturing Norton’s imagination from the first moment he sees the man with the strangely coloured skin. Strike claims he is electric, with the power to control nature’s most elusive—and deadly—phenomenon.

When Strike displays a power beyond Norton’s rational understanding, can a man of science trust in the evidence of his senses? Or will his cold and lonely presumptions stand between him and the most fascinating man he’s ever met?