London Hustle

London, 1872
Born into hard times, Ezekiel ‘Izzy’ Pound is bound for bad ends, until a shocking opportunity comes his way.
Yet of all the laws to break… Of all the chances to take… Of all the ways to make his fortune…
From his bold beginnings in the bawdies of East London to the heights of fame on the stages of the West End, Izzy’s determined to come out on top. Follow this found family of misfits on their daring adventure as Izzy wins—and nearly loses—the love of his life.


Just Love Enough

He wasn’t looking for love. He only wanted a job.

The sixth son of a family who’d have been better off with none, Izzy wants more than the miserable life he’s been granted. Living by his wits in the slums of Whitechapel, he’ll take any escape, committing to a life of sin and luxury at a notorious London pleasure house where the rich and powerful come to be humbled by the very lowest.
Yet there’s one man from his grim past he can’t leave behind. His oldest friend Noel is moral, modest, and law-abiding—everything that Izzy isn’t—and he’s made up his mind to do right. Until Izzy blows his plans sky high, awakening in Noel a craving for a grander life and a yearning to make their friendship what it was always meant to be.
But when an aristocratic client demands more than a little bought time, Izzy does what he must to protect Noel from the truth of the devious lives they lead. Even if it means breaking his heart. Just Love Enough – a pretty little love story about a most unlikely love.

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The Old Razzle Dazzle

Love is a tightrope walk. Sometimes you can't help but fall.

Some men are born for the stage. Some are born for nothing at all. How Izzy rose from the gutter to the heights of fame is a story he tells to few. A story as strange as any he’s staged in his four decades on London’s West End. A story of love and loss, heartache and forgiveness, of wanting what you cannot have, of daring to do the impossible.
When an idealistic young singer joins his theatre company, Izzy finds himself looking back on his earliest days, though why he dares to trust this wide-eyed dreamer with his dirty secrets is a secret all its own.
A welcome? Or a warning? For Izzy knows the pitfalls of a life on stage. And that getting what you want can be just what you don’t need. Yet in the telling of his tale, each man will discover the heights one can reach when lifted by true love.
A sweet and heartfelt Queer Historical novel of love and redemption set against the backdrop of the dawn of a new century.

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Birthday Boy

a London Hustle tale

What if you knew a man for more than half your life, but didn’t know the date of his birth?
What if you didn’t know your own? Izzy likes to think it doesn’t matter, until his beloved Noel gives him a gift that changes everything.
A sweet little glimpse into a most unlikely love.

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Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass

a London Hustle story collection

“But surely they do more than kiss…”
‘The Old Razzle Dazzle’ is a story told to a sweet young man who doesn’t need to know what his mentor used to like to do in bed. But just in case you wondered…

Made to Measure – For His Eyes Only – A Proper Homecoming – Sleeping Beauty

Four gratuitous episodes of unabashed eroticism. Dressed up, dressed down, in costume or stripped bare, Izzy never fails to satisfy Noel’s every dark desire. For two unrepentant sinners, theirs is a match made in heaven.

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