Queer Regency Romance

Imagining queer happy endings in an age of oppression

An Inconvenient Earl

A tale of freedom, forgiveness, and saying exactly the wrong thing in bed.

It was meant to be an easy job: remove a lord from the public eye until his title is usurped. Much harder to do when the lord turns out to be the same man Harry has been bedding on the sly for the past six months. Even more inconvenient when the lord himself has been asking him to do the very same: steal him from his rigid, terrifying future and find a way to set him free.
Ralph, Viscount Elsternwick, doesn’t need and cannot serve the earldom, his intellect and instincts wholly out of step with the impossible obligations of courtly life. What he needs is a means of escape, one he cannot avoid. Say, being stolen away by a heartless and hopefully handsome rogue, like the man he’s been meeting in secret for months.
But it takes more than shared desire and a fear of the past to make a life together. And some secrets are best left unspoken. Is Ralph’s dearest wish about to come true? Or is the only man he trusts now his enemy?

A passionate MM Regency Romance about a daydreaming earl-in-the-making who fears his own future and the soft-hearted thief who should never have met him, let alone fallen in love.

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I promsed you roses teaser NO DATE

I Promised You Roses

Two prickly bluestockings. One tangled garden. Can love still bloom when what you cherish most is freedom?

Before her regretful political marriage, Viscountess Constant Margate gave away true love. Years later, widowed a decade, the news of her lost lover’s death wakes her from her genteel decline and compels her to complete what they had dreamed of doing together. Memory turns to dismay when she finds her once beautiful estate has succumbed to neglect. Only a master can restore the beauty of Bonavista’s famed rose arbors and ease Constance’s grieving heart.
Only a fool would turn down a chance to be the architect of Bonavista’s restoration. Mercedes Oritz is no fool, the proof in her skilled management of her late father’s landscaping firm, despite all the men who have never hesitated to suggest a woman has no business in business. Or is she less wise than she wishes? For the strength and subtle beauty of her new employer the Lady Margate are like thorns in Mercedes’ heart, lodging ever deeper each time they are together.

a Sapphic companion to 'An Inconvenient Earl'

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