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The Untamed Heart

A sweetly steamy MM Victorian romance

Returning from self-imposed exile abroad, Virgil Ellsworth meets the man who has cared for his beloved mare Thalia while he’s been off chasing forgetfulness.
Struck by Peter’s masculine beauty, awed by his touch with the spirited horse, Virgil can only wish that his world could permit such a love.
Prepared to despise the arrogant toff who owns the magnificent Thalia, Peter finds his feelings thrown into turmoil by Virgil. Can he dare allow himself to express his inborn desires and live the wild life of the heart?

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A Love Unbroken

A Victorian Christmas Second-Chance Romance

Christmas: a time for peace. A time for love. A time for miracles?

Hetty will need no less than a miracle after her beloved Gregory wrongly bears the blame for her destruction of a priceless treasure belonging to her father.
Kept apart for years, their union forbidden, when Hetty and Gregory meet at her family’s grand Christmas fete, they discover that time and distance has only deepened their love.
Can Hetty’s father open his heart to the spirit of the holy season and forgive the man she cannot forget?

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Society Wives: to have and to hold

Whether a secret or a scandal, she’ll stop at nothing for her pleasure

A collection of fifteen scandalously steamy historical tales of the secret world behind the Victorian parlour door, as society’s finest ladies seek decadent degradation at the hands of daring gentlemen who may find themselves in too deep.

From an art lesson to a tight new corset to a horse ride in the autumn sunshine: any occasion is a good occasion for seducing a society wife. And now and then her husband…

This volume brings together the entire series in one outrageous collection, and includes the bonus story
WHAT THE MAID SAW – A Victorian Voyeur’s Tale.

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To Sir, With Lust: historical tales of dark mm desire

A collection of darkly romantic gay historical erotica
A butler and his innocent apprentice…
A headmaster desperate for discipline…
A illicit bookseller and his most avid collector…
In bedrooms and backrooms and the master’s chamber, daring men liberated by their lust risk all in pursuit of their desires, to claim for themselves the love that could not be spoken.

Includes the stories:
and the imaginative short THE BOOK BOYFRIENDS

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Birthday Boy: a London Hustle Tale

Contains spoilers for: The Old Razzle Dazzle

What if you knew a man for more than half your life, but didn’t know the date of his birth?
What if you didn’t know your own?
Izzy likes to think it doesn’t matter, until his beloved Noel gives him a gift that changes everything.
A sweet little glimpse into a most unlikely love.

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Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass: a London Hustle story collection

Contains spoilers for: Just Love Enough & The Old Razzle Dazzle

“But surely they do more than kiss…”
‘The Old Razzle Dazzle’ is a story told to a sweet young man who doesn’t need to know what his mentor used to like to do in bed. But just in case you wondered…

Made to Measure – For His Eyes Only – A Proper Homecoming – Sleeping Beauty
Four gratuitous episodes of unabashed eroticism. Dressed up, dressed down, in costume or stripped bare, Izzy never fails to satisfy Noel’s every dark desire. For two unrepentant sinners, theirs is a match made in heaven.

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The Marvelous Mr. Strike-PREVIEW COVER

The Marvelous Mr. Strike

A Tale of Elsewhen (part of The Jaime Skye Chronicles)

Norton Eckhart, PhD, is not afraid of miracles. Every fossil he finds is a tiny miracle, a symbol of science’s triumph over the superstitions of a less enlightened age. He won’t be swayed by charlatans and side-show fakers. Even if they are exceedingly handsome.
More than handsome, Emory Strike is magnetic, capturing Norton’s imagination from the first moment he sees the man with the strangely coloured skin. Strike claims he is electric, with the power to control nature’s most elusive—and deadly—phenomenon.
When Strike displays a power beyond Norton’s rational understanding, can a man of science trust in the evidence of his senses? Or will his cold and lonely presumptions stand between him and the most fascinating man he’s ever met?
The Marvelous Mr Strike: A Tale of Elsewhen

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