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The Sweetest Prize


What does a young chef do when the Imperial prince demands a brand new dessert to astonish his guests? Makes the very same cake that he created for the man he’s not allowed to love.

A sweet slice of MM Historical Romance inspired by the true story of the invention of the legendary Sacher torte.

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A heart-breaking YA love story of gay awakening and deep loss.

Moe Toller is not in love. Fascinated, maybe. Jealous? A little, but everyone in school is jealous of Nathan Tallent, with his movie-star good looks, his mansion and his hot-tub, his laid-back father, his perfect life. Or so Moe always thought, but as their unlikely friendship grows, he discovers the broken-hearted boy behind the mask, his pain an echo of Moe’s own loss.

But a nobody like Moe shouldn’t pin his hopes on someone who soars so high. Shouldn’t expect Nate to feel the same helpless yearning to make their friendship something more. Not when the chance that Nate could love him back is as distant as the stars.

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How to Make a Man

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Colm has the chance to make a man. To dress him, instruct him, sophisticate him. Turn the blushing buffoon Swindon Bainbridge into a gentleman of substance and allure. But now that he has, what is he to do with him? Introduce Swindon to the perfect lover and pray that Archer accepts him.

Archer Malivoire has no patience for fainting first-timers. Colm’s protégé sounds like everything Archer is not looking for in a man. But the innocent yet eager young Swindon is a diamond in the dust, a sweet jewel of a man, untested yet brave and hungry for Archer’s kiss.

Who will surrender first, the young seeker or the cynic? The aging man whose battered heart yearns for love, or the one who has yet to learn how deeply love can wound?

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A new experience in serial fiction

Iris has her shit together, or so she thinks, until her media mogul boss offers a game-changing payout if she can deliver the scoop of a lifetime: a year in the life of a sexual submissive. The only catch is who’s on top.

Paid not for sex but to write about sex, Iris loses herself in the man’s decadent world, risking herself body and soul. Is she in it for the money? Or because what he offers is everything she’s ever desired?

An All-Hearts Exclusive

The Truth About Hollowood

Read my WIP as I write! New chapters posted weekly

I don’t want to see Ronan Wednesday I don’t want to see, hear, smell, taste, touch… Okay, what I should have said is: I don’t want to want Ronan Wednesday. But the only time I feel completely alive is in those hours we spend wrecking each other in run-down motel rooms where we pay by the hour.

How long until he learns my secret? Because I’m not who he thinks I am. I might be his worst nightmare.

But whatever’s going on in the valley next to that quiet little mountain town called Hollowood Falls, we’re the only ones who can stop it. The only ones who know the truth about the place known only as the Facility, where monsters like me get made into something worse.
Ronan Wednesday is a distraction.
An addiction.
And he’s the only thing keeping me alive.

The explosive final chapter in the new MM Shifter series ‘Hollowood Falls’

An All-Hearts Exclusive